WP Smush Pro v3.8.5 – Plugin Free Download

Download WP Smush Pro v3.8.5 Plugin Free:- Wp Smush Pro v3.8.5 is one of the best website image optimization plugins for the website. WP Smush Pro v3.8.5 is a best-performing and easy-to-use image optimization plugin for WordPress. This plugin is developed by the professional developers of WPMU DEV, which are the developers of many other excellent WordPress plugins. For example, Defender, Hummingbird, SmartCrawl, and hustle plugins are also developed by the same developer’s team. WP Smush Pro v3.8.5 plugin compresses all your images and reduces their sizes without any visual quality loss. Download the Smush Pro v3.8.5 plugin and bulk optimize every image you’ve ever added to your site with one click and fix your Google PageSpeed with the best image optimizer WordPress has ever known.

WP Smush Pro v3.8.2 Plugin Free Download
WP Smush Pro v3.8.5 – Plugin Free Download

Smush Pro v3.8.5 Image Optimization Plugin for WordPress Free Download

WP Smush Pro v3.8.5 is a WordPress plugin to enhance website loading speed by compressing and optimizing the images of your website. This process is done automatically. It just removes unnecessary data from images that aren’t needed. The compression is done by the WP Smush Pro v3.8.5 plugin is lossless and lossy image compression. This has got various features for smushing your images. This is developed by WPMU DEV plugins. It has support for images up to 32MB in size. WebP format is about 25% smaller than any other image format, and it’s also recommended by Google Pagespeed for better website performance. Download Smush Pro Plugin from the Below Download Link.

WP Smush Pro v3.8.2 Plugin Free Download
WP Smush Pro v3.8.5 – Plugin Free Download

The WP Smush Pro v3.8.5 plugin also allows you to serve images from their servers using their 45 point image CDN. You have to turn on the toggle of its image CDN service, and it will automatically start serving images from its servers; no further action or coding required. WP Smush Pro v3.8.5 plugin also has a free version with limited features. The Pro version of this plugin compresses images in a 200% faster and better way than the free version. It also allows you to convert and serve WebP image format to users.

WordPress Image Optimization Plugins Compared – Imagify vs ShortPixel Vs Smush

How to increase the speed of your website and that’s good to be through image compression and technically this is kind of an update article one of the first early posts on this Website I talked about this topic and woe has so much changed since then everything’s gotten better easier in every single way hi my name is Raju Kumar from gplfreetheme.com. Were I make WordPress tutorials for non-tech were talking about image compression right now and that is going to make in the size of the images that you upload to your website. A lot smaller now what you may or may not realize is when you upload an image there are tons of details in there that really don’t come out when someone watches or views your website. There’s a lot of details in there that can be kind of shaved down a bit to make the size of the images smaller therefore when someone visits your page it has to require less downloading of content from your Webhost. And this is what makes it faster now when I made that video Association might’ve been 2 1/2 years ago now it was basically this was the only service available crack in.

WP Smush Pro v3.8.2 Plugin Free Download
WP Smush Pro v3.8.5 – Plugin Free Download

I owe and I’m pretty much made it about this now there are desktop application tools that you can run your images through but they’re not as good as and they’re definitely not as convenient as the services that I meant to show you in this article I forgot anyone besides early on you can get this all done for free so don’t think that this is on this going to cost you but it’s gonna be massive huge benefits. So this was what I post this article on a crack in and they did have a web of WordPress plug-in that automated things. But it was so you had to have the paid service I was showed basically people. How to use the free web interface) you and actually. This is how I compress my images for maybe two or three years. When this was really the only show in town but since then there are many many ways to do this so if you go to WordPress.org and you do a search for image compress compression urine to see all these options.

Free Download WP Smush Pro v3.8.5 – Image Optimization Plugin

Some are good and there are a few that probably aren’t that good song to go over a couple of them. That I have personal experience within this article so the first one that you see is Smush analysis. Must use to I think the history as they used to be owned by Yahoo and then Yahoo abandoned. It and then WP EMU dev picked it up and they have this free version but you don’t want to use it. Let me just get that out there right now this is one of those models. Where you get the plug-in it doesn’t give you the full benefits of image compression. Unless you pay I think it’s like 500 bucks a year which is in saying if you just want image compression. So I would definitely urge you to avoid a Smush it will compress your images. But it won’t merely do as good of a job as the other tools because there are different levels of compression.

WP Smush Pro v3.8.2 Plugin Free Download
WP Smush Pro v3.8.5 – Plugin Free Download

So that is one of them here is that you can see his it’s been and downloaded a ton of times but don’t look at that and say hmmm. This is the best it’s been downloaded to monetize because this is really the first plug and that did this most of these installations were before. So it was taken over by WP and you dev and they put a really high price tag on it. So this is definitely one to skip I have personally used it but there’s better stuff out there right now. I want to talk about what’s currently on my website in its image of finite image Optimizer now. What’s nice about this is it’s actually built by the same folks that make WP rocket. This is by far in my opinion the best WordPress caching plug-in that you can get for your website. It happens to be what I use on all of my websites now what you see all these plug-ins have a business model behind it.

WP Smush Pro v3.8.2 Plugin Free Download
WP Smush Pro v3.8.5 – Plugin Free Download

so what happens is the compression doesn’t happen on your web hosting account the images get pushed to their servers where all the magic happens. And then the optimized image gets sent back you really don’t want the compression happening on your servers. Is just not a good thing so all of these are kind of software and services. Now you’re gonna see they have free tears and I want to say that Imagify probably. In my opinion, has the most generous free tear that is going to probably cover the vast majority of people that have a WordPress-based website. So essentially what they’re going to give you I think it’s 30 MB of image compression per month I’ll have to double-check on that. I forget I have been using this and is actually on W. Is 25 MB of images per month for free that they’re going to compress.

WP Smush Pro v3.8.5 Plugin Latest Version Free Download

If you put this on your website anything in the future happens when you upload the image it just got compressive for you. And it’s going to start chipping away at that amount right there the 25 MB. So this is Imagify they do have plans if you want more capacity more compressions so you can subscribe to a monthly plan. Or you can make a one-time payment so this is Imagify I’ve been using it it is fantastic. And I would really say that for the vast majority of people all you need to do is install Imagify and let it do its work now what’s going to happen when you downloaded you’re going to set it to exit. Out loud downloaded in this video and images show you next I want to show you ShortPixel there’s a reason why am showing you ShortPixel right. now, number one there actually pretty fantastic. just like Imagify you’re all of these Imagify and ShortPixel pixels the ones that I carefully said short pickles.

WP Smush Pro v3.8.2 Plugin Free Download
WP Smush Pro v3.8.5 – Plugin Free Download

know this is a short pixel, not ShortPixel’s or pickles oh I guess it’s hilarious okay ShortPixel all of these services I guess I get him to believe I totally lost my train of thought after saving ShortPixel anyways sort pixel. There’s a reason why I’m talking about short pixel and that’s because there is a special deal going on with it right now, they have a free tear as well Amish install this and show you this in this video as well maybe I just need the slowdown. I’m talking a little too fast today. So what they do is they are going to let wears a command show me your limitation. Here I think it’s 100 actually healing to go to their website all right they give you 100 free image compressions per month. It’s not the size of the images.

How to Install WP Smush Pro v3.8.5 Plugins?

  • Download the latest .zip file for the plugin.
  • Log into your WordPress website
  • Go to “Plugins>“Add New.”
  • Click the “Upload Plugin” button at the top of the page.
  • Select the wp-smush-pro_v3.8.5.zip file with the updated version of the plugin.
  • After installing Free Version Then Install wp-smush-pro_v3.8.5.zip
  • Click the “Install Now button.

Features of WP Smush Pro v3.8.5 – WordPress Plugin:

  • Detect incorrectly resized images automatically.
  • Integration with the WPBakery page builder plugin.
  • Multiple image format compression support.
  • Compress and resize images of up to 32MB size.
  • Keep your original image on your server.
  • 45 point image CDN ( up to 10GB space).
  • Allows removing metadata of images.
  • Bulk smush all images at one click.
  • Perfect fit auto image resize.
  • Automatic image resize.
  • Auto converts all PNG to JPEG.
  • Lossy compression.
  • Lossless compression.
  • Single directory smush feature.
  • Compression on upload.
  • Lazy load animation.
  • HTTPS is compatible.
  • Lazy load images.
  • Gutenberg support.
  • Multi-site support.

Sales Page of WP Smush Pro v3.8.5 – Image Optimization Plugin for WordPress


What’s New in WP Smush Pro v3.8.5 [Changelog]

  • Fix PHP Notice: Trying to access array offset on the value of type bool.
  • Enhance: Apache rules for local WebP on subdirectory installs.
  • Enhance Lazy load compatibility with Slider Revolution.
  • Fix: Backups not properly removing from S3 containers.
  • Enhance Apache rules for local WebP on multisite.
  • Fix Compatibility with Jetpack Site Accelerator.
  • Fix Compatibility with Jetpack Site Accelerator.
  • Enhance Compatibility with WordPress 5.7.
  • Enhance Local Webp description texts.
  • Enhance Local Webp description texts.
  • Enhance Local Webp description texts.

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