Vadhuvu (Hotstar) Cast & Crew, Release Date, Actors, Wiki & More

Vadhuvu (Hotstar): Web Series Cast, Wiki, Real Name, Crew Details, Release Date, and More.

Vadhuvu is an upcoming Tamil-language web series set to premiere on Hotstar. The series explores the multifaceted lives of women in a traditional Indian setting.


Vadhuvu is a Hotstar web series. In this series, Avika Gor, Ali Reza, Nandu, Soujas Renukuntla, Sriyanshi Nandana, Kanchan Bamane, Roopa Laxmi, Subhasree Roy, Sreddevi Arroju, Surabhi Padmaja , Amma Ramesh, Surabhi Deepthi, Klk Mani, Tulasi Srinivas are in the lead role. Vadhuvu was released on coming soon, only on Disney+ Hotstar. Here’s the full list of cast and crew of “Vadhuvu”:

Vadhuvu Hotstar Cast:

Avika Gor

Avika Gor

Ali Reza

Ali Reza



Soujas Renukuntla

Soujas Renukuntla

Sriyanshi Nandana

Sriyanshi Nandana

Secondary cast

  • Kanchan Bamane
  • Roopa Laxmi
  • Sreddevi Arroju
  • Surabhi Padmaja
  • Amma Ramesh
  • Surabhi Deepthi
  • Klk Mani
  • Tulasi Srinivas

How to Watch Hotstar Vadhuvu

  • Download Disney+ Hotstar App or you can watch it on the browser.
  • Create an account and if you don’t have one then sign up.
  • Search ‘Vadhuvu’


 Available On:- Disney+ Hotstar

Language:- Hindi 

Release Date:- coming soon

Genre:  Crime

Release Date:

Vadhuvu’s release date is yet to be announced. However, it is expected to premiere sometime in 2024.

Wiki & More:

  • Genre: Social drama
  • No. of Seasons: 1
  • No. of Episodes: 10 (expected)
  • Language: Tamil
  • Original platform: Hotstar


Vadhuvu delves into the lives of three women from different generations and backgrounds. Janani, a young woman on the cusp of marriage, grapples with societal pressures and expectations. Aishwarya, her modern and independent friend, represents a contrasting perspective on womanhood. Through their journeys, the series explores themes of family, tradition, and the changing role of women in contemporary India.

Social Media:

Vadhuvu has an active presence on social media, where viewers can find updates, trailers, and behind-the-scenes content.


This information is based on publicly available sources and may not be entirely accurate or complete.

Additional Information:

  • The series has been shot across various locations in Tamil Nadu, capturing the essence of the region’s culture and traditions.
  • The cast and crew boast extensive experience in Tamil cinema and television, promising a high-quality production.
  • Vadhuvu is expected to spark conversations about gender roles and societal expectations in India.

We will update this information with the confirmed release date and any additional details as they become available.

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