Thrive Theme Builder v2.1.2 [+Shapeshift] Free Download

Download Thrive Theme Builder v2.1.2. Thrive Theme Builder is a multi-purpose WordPress theme with a feature-rich front-end visual editor. The front-end visual editor gives you full control over every section of your theme. With the help of Thrive Theme Builder, you can create or customize your website header, category pages, footer area, sidebars, page layout, and many other important sections visually. You don’t need to have any coding or web design skills to build a fully functional theme using Thrive Theme Builder. With Thrive Suite, you get instant access to Thrive, Theme Builder, + Shapeshift. Easily build your marketing-focused WordPress website with 100% front-end visual theme-building magic. No coding needed!

Thrive Theme Builder v2.1.2 is one of the most popular theme builders for WordPress. Even a beginner can build a perfect theme in just 15 to 20 minutes by following the site set-up walkthrough wizard. If you don’t want to spend time building a theme from scratch then you can use prebuild professionally designed Shapeshift theme. The Shapeshift Theme is a companion theme that comes free with Thrive Theme Builder. Shapeshift has pre-designed site sections and templates for every area of your website. Overall, Shapeshift is a full-fledged skin for Thrive Theme Builder. Visually Build The Conversion Focused Site Of Your Dreams No Matter Your Experience Level With The Only Marketing Centered WordPress Theme Builder.

Free Download Thrive Theme Builder v1.8.1.2 [+Shapeshift]
Thrive Theme Builder v2.1.2 [+Shapeshift] Free Download

Thrive Theme Builder v2.1.2 Free Download [+Shapeshift]

Thrive Theme Builder was built keeping the mobile users in mind. So, It is a fully mobile responsive theme with every modern browser support. It also allows you to modify your theme’s typography settings with a few clicks. The typography section of Thrive Theme Builder Dashboard allows you to quickly set up font type, font size, hyperlink hover effects, font shadow, font spacing, and much more. Overall, Thrive Theme Builder is a conversion-focused fully-fledged WordPress theme with unique and useful features. Thrive, Theme Builder, make it easy to manage your brand everywhere from one centralized location with dynamic global color settings, centralized font management, and effortless control over your logos. Quickly change brand elements everywhere with one-click, or customize every pixel to your exact needs.

Thrive Theme Builder v2.1.2 [+Shapeshift] Free Download

Building a Professional WordPress Website Can Be Intimidating. So What Makes Thrive Theme Builder So Much Better Than Your Standard WordPress Theme or Site Builder?
Not a plugin, and not some workaround, Thrive Theme Builder is a full-fledged WordPress theme and site builder-with drag and drop, front-end customization power- that’s been broken free from the traditional WordPress framework to give you unparalleled control over your site. Thrive Theme Builder allows you to visually create and customize your header, footer, blog post templates, sidebar, page layout, category pages, search pages, 404s, and more. thrive, Theme Builder doesn’t just give you a professional-looking website. A website build with Thrive Theme Builder will help you grow your business and get more email subscribers. Thrive Theme Builder was built with conversions in mind.

Thrive Themes Tutorial – How to Use Thrive Themes?

Here and it’s you know looks pretty good compared to what it you know, it definitely was there’s a lot of different things. That I’ve done on the website itself I’ve used thrive themes and thrive content builder to do most of this. But the thrive themes I’m going to show you why to thrive themes are so valuable. First so one thing I do want to clarify so thrive themes come where you get this stuff. So some people get confused about what this is so thrive themes is actually as it says. Here an all-in-one online business toolbox it’s not just one thing. When we’re talking about thrive themes but thrive themes are. How they were made so they’ve stuck with that name so starting off there’s thrive themes.

Thrive Theme Builder v2.1.2 [+Shapeshift] Free Download
Thrive Theme Builder v2.1.2 [+Shapeshift] Free Download

Which helps you build a high converting website there’s thrive leads which is really awesome. As well but that’s not the focus here thrive content builder which I’m absolutely in love with. Because I don’t understand how to code and this makes it. So if you’re not someone who can do HTML that you can still build a really cool website. This is basically a landing page software that they have and then finally they have widgets okay so it’s a full online business toolbox for the sake of this tutorial. We’re just focusing on the themes okay so just like you would go and buy a theme in any place anywhere else. This is focused on the actual themes that are in WordPress themselves. Okay so getting that clear let’s go ahead and jump into here so this is my website that I redesigned. When our professor calm and like I said you know there’s a lot of different things that I’ve done.

Here that make it look pretty good and like I said thrive content builder and thrive themes. To make that happen but the reason or the way that. I did this is I used a thrive theme and it’s called rise okay so we’re going to go into here just like we would anywhere else. And we’re going to start out by going into themes. And we’re gonna go into the rice theme now they have the customize here. Now what you see here is nothing really all that different from any press theme out. There right all the wordpress seems you can do a lot of the stuff that colors you can choose all the different colors. All the information you can do edit the header header a little bit there’s nothing that special here. So I’m not going to spend much time there but what I do want to do is spend more time in the Thrive dashboard.

Thrive Theme Builder v2.1.2 [+Shapeshift] Free Download
Thrive Theme Builder v2.1.2 [+Shapeshift] Free Download

Okay because this is where the real magic comes in for thrive themes so when we go into thrive themes. We can see here we can go to theme options and when we go into here we can really see there are all these different things. That you can do so first off with the general settings we’ve got the logo you can basically make your logo into an image or text. You can make it you know appear or disappear with other things you could choose a logo background logo position. You can do a header phone so if you have a service-oriented business you turn this on then you just put in your information about your phone number your text etc. About it and people can call you directly which is really neat. You don’t have to go mess with the code at all so we’ll get rid of that footer copyright text.

So instead of editing the footer of your website what do you do you just update this information on the footer and voila it’ll be all the way on the bottom. So you see that copyright 2021 there it is footer copyright links. You can throw links into there if you need to you can also enable footer popular posts. I don’t have this on but it makes it so that your popular blog posts go directly to the bottom. And one cool thing I do want to mention see all these little question marks if you don’t know what something is just scroll over it. It explains it really well and then we’ve got global settings display breadcrumbs. This is basically when you go into a website and you click on like about you see your breadcrumbs right. Here right it tells you the navigation path you took and finally relative time.

Thrive Theme Builder v2.1.2 [+Shapeshift] Free Download
Thrive Theme Builder v2.1.2 [+Shapeshift] Free Download

Which tells you how many days ago things happen etc kind of you know a thing that you can decide to do. If you want style and layout settings so this is important so you can choose a different color theme. And there’s a lot of cool things you can do with the blog here okay so let’s go into the blog. Now I do want to preface this by saying if you want to do what it about to do yourself on your own blog with a theme that you’re probably using. You’re going to have to pay a developer to get it done but. With thrive themes, you don’t need to pay okay so let me show you. How so we’ve got this is my blog right this is what my blog looks like that’s you know what love it or not. That’s what it looks like but what you can do is you could do something like this you know what I want to do a grid with a sidebar.

How to Install Thrive Theme Builder v2.1.2?

  • Download the latest .zip file for the Theme.
  • Log into your WordPress website
  • Go to “Appearance”>“Theme.”
  • Click the “Upload Theme” button at the top of the page.
  • Select the .zip file of the Theme.
  • Click the “Install Now” button.

Features of Thrive Theme Builder v2.1.2 – Highly Customizable WordPress Theme

  • Lots of design and site-building elements included
  • Unparalleled control over every section of the site
  • Pre-built design templates for all site sections
  • Integrate easily with popular tools and plugins
  • Set-up walkthrough wizard for beginners
  • No coding knowledge requirement
  • Pre-installed Thrive Architect Lite
  • Front-end visual editor
  • Drag n Drop designer
  • Conversion focused design
  • Lightweight and clean codes
  • Prebuilt Shapeshift theme
  • Category page design options
  • Custom templates support
  • Built-in icons packs and fonts
  • Megamenu support
  • Compatible with woo commerce
  • Beautiful author box designs
  • 100% responsive layouts
  • Lead generation elements
  • 100% customizable
  • Custom search result pages
  • Blazing fast loading speed
  • Typography options
  • Theme-wide color palettes

Demo of Thrive Theme Builder v2.1.2 – WordPress Theme.

What’s New in Thrive Theme Builder v2.1.2?

  • Fixed an issue where headers & footers will be displayed misaligned between landing pages and templates.
  • VAT value is now selectable (together with total and subtotal price hence the name).
  • Fixed an issue where some sticky elements will shift their position on a scroll.
  • Fixed an issue where scripts placed in custom HTML elements are not visible.
  • Removed the color palette configuration string when previewing the page.
  • Added compatibility with the Next move Lite plugin ‘Thank you’ pages.
  • Fixed an issue where the logo URL can not be removed.
  • Some other minor UI improvements and bug fixes.
  • Improvements for pages with large AMP stylesheet sizes.
  • Compatibility with Thrive Architect changes.
  • Added design mode on WooCommerce cart.
  • Under the hood fixes.

Thrive Theme Builder v2.1.2 + Shapeshift Theme Latest Version – WordPress Theme Download Link:

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Note: It’s a theme, not a plugin. So, install it as a theme and never update this theme directly from your WordPress Dashboard.

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