Astra Pro v3.4.2 Addon Plugin Free Download

Free Download Astra Pro v3.4.2 Addon Latest Version:- Astra Pro v3.4.2 Addon is a powerful plugin for a free Astra WordPress theme with more advanced features. Astra is a beautiful multipurpose WordPress theme that can be used for any type of website. It is designed and developed by Brainstorm Force. It is optimized for fast loading speed and better search engine appearance. This theme uses Vanilla JavaScript instead of jQuery for better page loading speed. The performance of this theme is amazing on all types of devices. The Pro Addon also provides specialized premium features to Woo-Commerce site owners. In short, Astra Pro Addon extends the functionality of the Astra theme by adding more editing options.

Astra Pro Addon v2.7.3 Plugin Free Download
Astra Pro v3.4.2 Addon Plugin Free Download

The Astra Theme and how to get it installed on your website to go over all of these free plugins. That you can add to the site to talk about Astra Pro Astra agency him to show you. How to install a child theme and use the white label settings that were a lot of stuff. You can see I have my Phillips you like sent to the Astro purple color in the background. WordPress if you enjoy the content in this video consider clicking on the subscribe button. The Astra Theme as well as a link to take you to Asher’s website to take a look at the Astra theme. So I’m not to sit here talking with this introduction I’m just getting it right into the video. Astra pro theme and Astra pro addon plugin are also using in UK or USA website Developers.

Right here and we’re not going to activate it just yet because of one of the best practices. WordPress is to create a child theme and use that with your website and a child theme is good. To be where you’re going to place custom code may be at custom function or some custom CSS or anything. That you want to upgrade safe and there are definitely some things that were going to want to have to be upgraded safe. That I’m in a go over in these different videos so what we need to do now is get a child theme now. Astra makes it really easy to put a link to this page right here down below but all you have to do is come to this page and working to be able to generate a child theme now I just go ahead and click on generate.

Astra Pro Addon v2.7.3 Plugin Free Download
Astra Pro v3.4.2 Addon Plugin Free Download

The Astra Pro v3.4.2 website and even though there’s a download button here this isn’t actually. How you’re going to get Astro you’re going to get it directly from WordPress. When you’re logged into your WordPress website. So here I am logged into a fresh installation of WordPress. Now to get the theme all you have to do is go to appearance and then themes in the near and click on add new. And then right here you’re going to do a search for Astra now this is what will come up now. I will preface that this image here this thumbnail image might look different when you are installing. Astra, I do know they’re testing different thumbnail images and this is the one that happens to be there right now so just go ahead and click on the install button.

Astra Pro Addon v2.7.0 Latest Version Free Download [2020]
Astra Pro v3.4.2 Addon Plugin Free Download

I don’t want to change any of the values but if you’re an agency or you’re making websites for someone you might want to change. how the child theme appears in WordPress so you can click on advanced options and essentially you can name it you can put a version number. If you want you can put your name as the author you can put a link to your website. And you can write a description if you chose to and you can change the folder name and you can add a custom screenshot. If you want all of these values are what is going to show when you click on themes and it shows all the themes. So this is what it’s going to do Juergen to be able to customize. How this looks for the child theme you can have a different image. You can have it say the name of your business a link to your business your own description etc.

Astra Pro v3.4.2 Addon gives more customization settings to Astra theme users. You can customize almost every section of the Astra theme after activating the Astra Pro Addon plugin. You don’t need to touch even a single line of code to customize or build a stunning website using Astra. This plugin also allows you to control the space between the elements of your website. Astra is one of the most popular WordPress themes.

Astra now the theme is available for free there’s also an add-on package and working a look at that in some other goodies that you might not be aware of and I declared. I think maybe four months ago that the Astor theme is going to be the team to keep your eye on and it is a theme from the ground up that has been designed for several things. The first beings speed the second being to work with any page builder and it has specific features in it that custom-tailored to page builders. I want to demonstrate that in this video as well here is their website and its and have a link down below to everything.

Astra Pro Addon v2.7.0 Latest Version Free Download [2020]
Astra Pro v3.4.2 Addon Plugin Free Download

website with one of the links I have all give you access to that course that’s what I’m thinking right now by itself anyways I know I’ve gone on and rambled a little bit in this video because I’m that excited and what I like to hear from you is what feature do you think it should be in this theme that would make sense for people using page builders is there something that you wish a theme had but it doesn’t have I want to hear down below in the comment section what ideas you have for the Asra theme and what direction you think it should go.

Pro version now when I scroll down here it’s gonna tell you bunch of stuff here’s the highlights for speed here’s all the page builders. That it works with phenomena demonstrated in this video with Beaver Builder and Elementor is I just want to show. How smart the theme is and how it’s coded to work beautifully and seamlessly with your page builder. And let’s see okay when I click on get Pro this is working to see some of the add-ons that they have already made available in this a beta package. Right now you see a five listed here it’s actually six there’s one that is so brand-new it hasn’t made it on this list yet. And I actually know of I think five or six additional ones and these are individual add-ons that you can enable or disable.

Astra Pro Addon v2.7.3 Plugin Free Download
Astra Pro v3.4.2 Addon Plugin Free Download

Astra Pro Addon v3.4.2 Plugin Latest Version Free Download Link:

Pre-Built Websites: Reduce your website design time by importing pixel perfect ready to use website demos from our library of starter sites. Customized Without Code: Change the design through a range of options in the WordPress Customizer. No coding knowledge is necessary!. Made for Page Builders: Astra gives you the ability to turn off the page title & sidebar. Create full-width pages with complete design freedom.

Seamless WooCommerce Integration: Are you looking for the perfect theme to build an online store? Astra is the fastest, flexible, and free WordPress theme that is intuitive and offers deeper integration with WooCommerce. With unique features and countless customizations, you can build a store that matches your brand. Super Fast Performance: Astra is made for speed. It is the most lightweight theme available in the market and offers unmatched performance. It allows making changes visually with real-time preview. No more back and forth!.

Astra Pro Addon v2.7.3 Plugin Free Download
Astra Pro v3.4.2 Addon Plugin Free Download

Customize Everything Easily: Astra provides its well-categorized options in the native WordPress customizer. Blog & Archives: Control the design of your blog posts & archive pages with neat options in the customizer. Manage width, content, and even meta. Layout Settings: In this area, one can manage the layout of the website container, header, blog, archives, single pages, posts, sidebar & footer. Header Options: Astra comes with several header layouts built-in. The Pro addon extends the possibilities and adds more features further. Colors & Typography: Set colors & fonts easily! We understand it’s important to be able to set fonts & colors that integrate with your brand.

How to Install Astra Pro Addon v3.4.2 Plugins?

  • Download the latest .zip file for the plugin.
  • Log into your WordPress website
  • Go to “Plugins>“Add New.”
  • Click the “Upload Plugin” button at the top of the page.
  • Select the .zip file with the updated version of the plugin.
  • Click the “Install Now button.

How To Install Astra v3.4.3 Theme via WordPress?

  1. Navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Themes.
  2. Click the Add New button on top of the page, then the ‘Upload Theme button.
  3. Downloaded the Astra.3.4.3 File from the below Download link
  4. Click ‘Choose File and select the Astra.3.4.3 file.
  5. Once the file has uploaded, Click to activate Astra v3.4.3 Theme

Sales Page of Astra Pro Addon v3.4.2 – Premium Plugin for Astra Theme:

Features of Astra Pro v3.4.2 Addon Plugin:-

  • Various header options – sticky, transparent, below header content, after header content
  • 800+ Google fonts support and multiple typography options
  • Integration with multiple page builder plugin
  • Exclusive features for the Woo-Commerce site.
  • Allow using Custom fonts
  • Multiple site layouts options
  • LearnDash integration
  • Colour customization setting for every section
  • Highlight first post
  • Multiple columns footer area
  • Mobile header support
  • Ready to use premium website designs
  • LifterLMS integration
  • Loads very fast
  • Megamenu
  • Scroll to top link
  • Hooks and filter support
  • Infinite scrolling
  • Custom 404-page design
  • No jQuery code used
  • Full spacing control of site elements
  • Schema markup ready
  • Fluid layout
  • Grid layout
  • List Layout
  • Date box
  • Custom Hooks

What’s New in Astra Pro v3.4.2 Addon [Changelog]

  • Gutenberg Editor – Unable to edit content in the editor when background styles applied to Content and Site Layout is Max-Width.
  • Fix Fatal error Uncaught Error: Class ‘Astra_Builder_Helper not found when footer builds with custom layout.
  • Builder – Menu – After partial refresh, megamenu’s width & left position removes in the customizer.
  • Bug Fix: Builder – WooCommerce & EDD cart – double icon appearing when icon selected from Addon.
  • NEW: Builder – WooCommerce & EDD Cart – Border width option for cart outline style.
  • Fix WooCommerce – Grid column layout not working for upselling products.
  • Removed the unnecessary gap between the Mobile Header & Dropdown.
  • New: ‘Start Time’ and ‘End Time’ rules for Custom Layouts.
  • New: ‘Responsive Visibility’ rules for Custom Layouts.
  • And some other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Download Link For Astra Pro Addon v3.4.2 [Latest Version] – Premium Plugin for Astra Theme:

Please Wait 30 Sec… Then Click the Below Download Button 🙂

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Note: Astra free theme is required to activate this plugin.

Download Link For Astra Theme v3.4.3 [Free] – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme:

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Note: You can also download and install this theme directly from the WordPress Dashboard.

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