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Ullu app continues to deliver on its promise of releasing two web series every week, and this time, it’s the turn of “Garam Masala Part 2” and “Aamras Part 2” to captivate audiences. As fans anticipated, the latest episodes of “Aamras Part 2” have been dropped on schedule, keeping viewers engaged and intrigued.

A Fresh Perspective

The newly released three episodes of “Aamras Part 2” take the storyline in a different direction, setting it apart from the initial two episodes. The central character, an aspiring writer, faces the uphill battle of managing finances for significant household expenses, particularly concerning his sister, Riya Barde.

Unraveling the Story

The web series delves further into the writer’s journey as he navigates the intricate financial challenges of his family. The narrative closely follows Vinay’s endeavors to secure extra income, which leads him to take on additional roles such as providing tuition. One of the standout moments of the “Aamras Part 2” web series involves Riya Barde’s captivating scene set to the iconic song “Aana Sajan.”

New Intrigues and Engaging Characters

Adding to the intrigue is the character exploration of Payal Patil, who introduces a layer of fascination to the series. Yet, the spotlight also falls on Prity Dey, a fresh face on the Ullu scene. Prity Dey shines as Ravita, a character who enrolls in Vinay’s tuition class. Her interactions with Frarhan S Ansari, who portrays Vinay, are filled with engagement and charm.

As the “Aamras Part 2” web series unfolds its dynamic narrative, Ullu app continues to capture the attention of its viewers, delivering unique and captivating content week after week.

The Aamras Part 2 web series on Ullu brings together a talented ensemble of actors who breathe life into its intriguing characters. Let’s take a closer look at the remarkable individuals who make up the Aamras Part 2 Ullu Web Series Cast and contribute to the series’ immersive storytelling.

Lead Characters

The lead roles in the Aamras Part 2 web series are skillfully portrayed by an array of gifted performers, including:

  • Payal Patil as Mrs. Ghosh
  • Riya Barde as Chutki
  • Bharti Jha as Bua
  • Prity Dey as Ravita
  • Seroshi Chatterjee as Kammo
  • Arita Paul as Nillu

Supporting Cast

Adding depth and authenticity to the narrative, the Aamras Part 2 Ullu Web Series Cast includes:

  • Frarhan S Ansari as Vinay
  • Dharmendra Gupta as Mr. Ghosh
  • Kishore Bute as Vinay’s Father
  • Imran Shaikh as Puppy
  • Jaydeep Kalsi as Piyush
  • Amit Jambhekar as Lalaji
  • Suruchi Verma as Piyush’s Mother
  • Abhijeet Singh as Piyush’s Father
  • Krishnanand Tiwari as Hari Prasad
  • Ishwar Aggarwal as Chottu
  • Kalyanidevi Jha as Banjaran

A Diverse Ensemble

The Aamras Part 2 Ullu Web Series Cast is a testament to the diversity of talent and the depth of character portrayal. Each member of the cast contributes their unique skills to create a tapestry of engaging and relatable personas, enhancing the overall viewing experience. From the lead roles that drive the plot to the supporting characters that add color to the story, the Aamras Part 2 web series is truly brought to life by this exceptional cast.

Web Series NameAamras Part 2
LanguageHindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bhojpuri
GenreRomance/ Drama
DirectorHimanshu Brahmabhati
Release Date22nd August 2023.
CastPayal Patil as Mrs. Ghosh
Riya Barde as Chutki
Bharti Jha as Bua
Prity Dey as Ravita
Seroshi Chatterjee as Kammo
Arita Paul as Nillu
DurationApprox. 15-25 Minutes
Online Streaming PlatformUllu App
Actress NamePayal Patil
Riya Barde
Bharti Jha
Prity Dey
Seroshi Chatterjee
Arita Paul

How to Watch Aamras Part 2 Ullu Web Series

If you’re eager to indulge in the Aamras Part 2 web series and a plethora of other thrilling shows like Jaal, Wrong Turn, Kitty Party, Love Guru, Jalebi Bai, and Samne Wali Khidki, the Ullu website is your go-to destination.

A World of Entertainment

Renowned for its distinctive and diverse digital content, the Ullu app has garnered significant popularity. Viewers have applauded the exceptional quality and engaging narratives that define its shows. By visiting the Ullu website, you can dive into this world of entertainment, where user-friendly design guarantees a seamless and enjoyable viewing experience.

Release Date of Aamras Part 2 Web Series

Mark your calendars for the debut of Aamras Part 2! The first episode is scheduled to premiere on August 22, 2023, promising viewers a delightful and entertaining experience.

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