Lady Gaga Confirms is in Joker 2 Role

Lady Gaga has finally confirmed that she is going to co-star alongside Joaquin Phoenix within the upcoming Joker sequel. A day after Warner.

The damn thing broke a billion dollars at the worldwide box office a far better result from a Scorsese-inspired, nihilistic psychodrama could hardly've been dreamt of.

Lady Gaga goes to co-star with Joaquin Phoenix in Joker 2 Sure, Joker made for a fine enough self-contained story.

For all of its hysteria-fuelled controversies and demanding detractors, it actually carved out new ground within the packed mag genre, that it's our respect.

The news was confirmed by Gaga herself on Twitter, with an 18-second graphic clip backed by an instrumental rendition of Fred Astaire's

The short animation, featuring a red background with the black silhouettes of Gaga in an exceedingly non-disclosed role and Phoenix's Joker, provides further confirmation for the film's 2024 release date.

Get your hands off our Gaga, Joker! keep one's hands off from her! Get a job! The teaser is soundtracked by an enormous band rendition of the pop standard “Cheek to Cheek,” a song that lends its title to Lady Gaga’s first duet album with Tony Bennett.

the last time Gaga appeared on the massive screen, 2021’s House of Gucci, it had been alongside another Joker, Jared Leto.

However, Gaga failed to reveal which character she’ll be playing within the upcoming sequel.

When is Joker 2 released? It's still very time period for the Joker's return, but Folie à Deux has already been slotted into the calendar for 4 October 2024.