Newsmag v5.2.2 – WordPress Theme Free Download [Activated]

Newsmag v5.2.2 - WordPress Theme Free Download [Activated]

Download Newsmag v5.2.2 Newspaper & Magazine WordPress Theme: Newsmag v5.2.2 by Power Elite author TagDiv is the first pick in this WordPress theme review series because this vendor is working extremely hard in news, newspaper, magazine, publishing, and review themes. He started this business a few years back with a newsletter template that garnered sales amounting to over 17,000, incredibly high ratings, and reviews. tagDiv has carried on with Newsmag since late 2014. A year has passed, however, this theme is still on fire with over 14000 sales. Now, let’s dig down to understand why it is so hot and the best selling WordPress theme in the magazine sector. It differs from other plugins with a lot of bells and whistles that slow down the loading speed. Free Download Newsmag v5.2.2 tema From

Newsmag v4.9.6 - WordPress Theme Free Download [Activated]
Newsmag v5.2.2 – WordPress Theme Free Download [Activated]

The Newsmag v5.2.2 template is excellent for a news, newspaper, magazine, publishing or review site. It also supports YouTube videos and features a rating system. The Newsmag v5.2.2 Theme uses the best clean SEO practices, and on top of that, it’s fast, simple, and easy to use. In addition, News magazine supports responsive Google Ads and AdSense. Once you choose a default demo from CSS – seven separately generated demos: Newsmag, Travel, Tech, Sport, Fashion, Video, and Classic Blog, it takes a few seconds to install as fully customizable without any conflicts seem. From here, you’ll have eleven home pages to launch your magazine site. WordPress is reportedly the most popular website management or blogging system in use on the Web, supporting more than 60 million websites and the Newsmag theme is one of the best WordPress themes to work on. Technicustad is proudly running on a Newsmag theme and it’s really easy to work with.

Newsmag v4.9.6 - WordPress Theme Free Download [Activated]
Newsmag v5.2.2 – WordPress Theme Free Download [Activated]

How To Customizing posts for your WordPress News Website in Newsmag v5.2.2 Theme.

How often did you find really interesting material but you just couldn’t find the patience to go through it. How often did you read something and felt the need to change the way the content appeared to you maybe the text would look better with other types of images. Maybe with a video, maybe with a full width image. Today I will tell you how to optimize your website content to create amazing posts for a unique user experience. Newsmag v5.2.2 Developers know that one design won’t work with all of the posts so we created nine unique post templates. For Newsmag Developers designed these templates paying attention to the tiniest details. The visitors will have a pleasant experience. What is the secret just use the right type of post and you will touch the visitor’s heart. I’ll show you how to use text images and videos to maximize the results. Let’s meet the tag gives nine unique post templates.

The default post template makes your content look neat and stylish. This type of post should be used as a general multi-purpose out frame for your posts. Its design can accommodate a variety of subjects from art to politics to technology to fashion. You can set the feature images which you can use with long and important titles or a very short one. And you can use it with video the possibilities are limitless. Style 1 is designed to work best with portrait featured images. When you write a post and use a completely human portrait of an image. For instance, one with let’s say the Eiffel Palamon can have more – with this style is the right choice to make if you need a post with long and important titles. You will find style – to be very useful this style has a larger typeface for the title of the post but keeping all the attributes from the default style. When your post requires an emphasis on both the title and the featured image.

Newsmag v4.9.6 - WordPress Theme Free Download [Activated]
Newsmag v5.2.2 – WordPress Theme Free Download [Activated]

Newsmag recommends that you use stop now your post has a beautiful title and this amazing feature image. Now let me tell you one of my favorite post-games styles for capturing the attention of the featured image. Which is displayed at full width at the top of the content area and it comes with a lovely title here amazing if you’re looking for a specific title just use style 5 from our post set it comes with a delightful simplicity allowing the viewer to focus on what’s the important content actually. I use this style with shorter titles, it’s perfect for review articles when you have a spectacular image show it to the world full screen. Newsmag developers design style 6 to help you do exactly that uploading a full-sized high-quality image.

Newsmag v5.2.1 - WordPress Theme Free Download [Activated]
Newsmag v5.2.2 – WordPress Theme Free Download [Activated]

And set it as a feature image select style 6 from post settings update and what’s up Sauna Shing isn’t if you want to publish only a text without images. Why should you waste time trying to modify a post template? If you want to publish an article that starts with a video then this is the right choice to create it. First, you have to add the article content that will appear after the video, then paste the video URL into the featured video box. Now choose post style 8 and set the post format to be click update to save the settings. And let’s see how it looks here you go it’s so easy alright let’s check. The featured image was automatically set to match the video from

Newsmag v4.9.6 - WordPress Theme Free Download [Activated]
Newsmag v5.2.2 – WordPress Theme Free Download [Activated]

In this case, you can also see a video play button icon which allows users to easily identify video posts on the home page. and on other pages now remember from post settings you can change the style for each post The theme also includes a general option so if you want to apply one of these templates to all the post pages go to the theme panel post settings default side post template. And choose the template that you want for additional customization you can go into the Theme panel post settings. And here you can find the controls for the default elements that are present on everything. So let’s see these beautiful post templates again Oh style default style one style two styles three styles for style five styles six styles seven and style eight okay. Now that you know the secret to have fun creating amazing posts with tag gives themes. Everything is simple and fun themes for smart people.

How to Add Adsense Code in Newsmag v5.2.2 WordPress Theme?

How can we add AdSense code in WordPress news magazine? So for that first one you are required to open the AdSense earning in AdSense. In general, people what they are doing. They’re just going to go for the 8 then going towards and then after they are adding the quotes. But I will not recommend doing that. What u needed first you just go to the first custom channels and in custom channel actually. I have created one and I will show you what is the benefit of this. One such thing you need to be creative. Here put your name and after that, you need to be created here org again go to the URL channels. So this one is the custom channel that I have created.

Newsmag v4.9.6 - WordPress Theme Free Download [Activated]
Newsmag v5.2.2 – WordPress Theme Free Download [Activated]

Why is it important you need to put your name here and after that just go down. And you need to be select multiple locations and the description. Is really important because you know this one is NOT for you this one is for the advertisers. Means your website is for which domain means how profitable you are your website is. For the advertisers and after that just go to the advertisement units. This is the to add you need that I created. And if you want to get your own so here is the option like test & display ads. Click on display ads and put your name so whatever names you want to put and make sure you selected the responsive one.

And after that, you just go down and select the custom channels and here you just select your custom channels. That you provide that you have already created it’s really important to get more views on your more advertisers on your website. And after that just save and get the codes so I just look near. I have to pay money when I created the header and one I created for articles and for the first time. If for adding the adding this court then you need to create a header. Had a quote and then this is the one you need to be placed on your website. That we will see in this video so just click on the new unit and after that do what you required. Click on the in the article adds so if you go for the article ads you have the 7 get quotes for you just finished. These two things mean test and display ads and in this article, it’s after that just click on go.

Newsmag v4.9.6 - WordPress Theme Free Download [Activated]
Newsmag v5.2.2 – WordPress Theme Free Download [Activated]

for your website and now in website click on theme panel just click on theme panel and it will go for your theme panel. Now in theme panel click on ad shown in head now click on head. And if you are applying for the first time then you just need to put your head down. And here so for the first time approval and as that is the code that you get from that and after that you have to click on save setting. If you are applying for the first time and also everything will be as always after that you have option slider is red and slider is added to the one which you made. Article with the responsive one I’m looking for if you remember I just made the side. And I put it in my website so it’s in an article. and read is in a header it’s totally up to you. Which one you want to create then now click on the article subject and output it. So here if it is really responsive then it will be going you just need to click on get code. And you can get the code and in the same way you can also get the article inline at the bottom end. But I would advice not to put too many ads.

Newsmag v4.9.6 - WordPress Theme Free Download [Activated]
Newsmag v5.2.2 – WordPress Theme Free Download [Activated]

Because if your user is very disappointed that they are not yours then you are not going to get any revenue for that one. So this is the way you can easily do it on AdSense code in Newsmag WordPress theme. And finally, click save settings so we can see how it is and how it will display on your website. So now i am just opening the website and here i am just showing the ad on the header here. Here and if you go down, you will find that someone has an ad on the right side. And if you go down again an ad in that then this is the home page ad. that we have put it here and if you go to article then open any article and you will see that article has all advertisements. They are required, so appearing on a header is on the way. I have an ad here, and one in the middle and one in the article. So these are the ways by which you can easily go to AdSense code. And one you will find at the bottom of the articles so I looked here so this was the easiest way to get AdSense code.

How To Install Newsmag v5.2.2 – Newspaper & Magazine Theme via WordPress?

  1. Navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Themes.
  2. Click the Add New button on top of the page, then the Upload Theme button.
  3. If you’ve downloaded the installable WordPress file, then you do not need to unzip the file. you will see the file, this is the one you select to install.
  4. Click ‘Choose File and select the file.
  5. Once the file has uploaded, click Activate

Features of the Newsmag v5.2.2 – Newspaper & Magazine WordPress Theme:

  • All the global settings are available in the WordPress theme customizer with a live preview.
  • Multi-Language site support via the free qTranslate plugin. All from wp-admin.
  • 9 beautiful Post Styles designed to give the perfect shape to your story.
  • 8 Smart List templates – Easily create engaging smart lists.
  • SEO: Schema with rich snippet microdata for articles and reviews.
  • Built-in related posts based on tags, author, or category.
  • Auto YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo thumb downloader.
  • Built-in translation support from our admin panel.
  • Built-in Review System (stars, percents, points).
  • 16 ad spots to help you monetize the website.
  • Google Fonts, Typekit Fonts, and Custom Fonts.
  • Live search with Ajax and up&down keys.
  • Inline Google AdSense or other ads.
  • Custom auto scaling content blocks.
  • Easy Google Analytics support.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).
  • Powered by tagDiv Composer.
  • Responsive Google AdSense.
  • Gif animation support.
  • Custom page builder elements.
  • Sticky navigation menu.
  • One-click demo install.
  • Optimized for mobile.
  • Responsive ads support
  • All the blocks.
  • 4 Top Bar templates.
  • Unlimited sidebars.
  • 10 Footer styles.
  • 10 Header styles.
  • 10 footer layouts.
  • Each category.
  • Custom widgets.
  • Ads on AMP.

What’s New in Newsmag v5.2.2 – Newspaper & Magazine Theme [Changelog]

  • fix: Security Update – Removed the Facebook login for security concerns (until we fix it).
  • new: WordPress 6.0 compatibility;
  • new: Added Facebook Login functionality;
  • new: Option to exclude posts from specific tag on blocks (-slug);
  • new: Captcha on comment submit;
  • new: Option to disable the sticky menu on the Mobile Theme;
  • new: Option to set the background color for mobile navigation toolbar from Theme Panel;
  • improvement: Added the WhatsApp social icon;
  • improvement: Raw Html ACE editor;
  • improvement: Added show posts/comments options on Authors Box;
  • improvement: Video Popup Ad – Added do_shortcode() support;
  • improvement: Added home.php template on Mobile Theme – used by page_for_posts blog
  • improvement: We’ve updated the Revolution Slider plugin to the latest version;
  • improvement: ‘Review’ schema now works with points and percents;
  • improvement: Added nofollow option in Theme Panel for block thumbnail;
  • improvement: Added Subtitle, Source and Via on CPT Settings;
  • improvement: Exclude current post from blocks;
  • fix: Column Text and Text with Title issue on WordPress 6.0;
  • fix: MegaMenu with subcategories issue on WordPress 6.0;
  • fix: Don’t download video thumb if featured image is set;
  • fix: Added some texts to Translations;
  • fix: Losing style on buddypress templates
  • fix: Fatal error on YouTube playlist;
  • fix: Menu/search gradient (opacity) issues on AMP;
  • fix: Fatal error in specific conditions;
  • fix: Pattern for the Category number in the widget;
  • fix: Comment moderation message on the Mobile Theme;
  • fix: Remove Login/Register HTML when the user is logged in;
  • fix: theme.json issue on Mobile Theme
  • fix: List Menu – The menu hover color option now also applies for the current menu element classes;
  • fix: Missing theme meta boxes (conflict with some plugins)
  • fix: Missing subcategories in widgets filter.
WordPress ThemeNewsmag Theme Free Download
VersionNewsmag v5.2.2
File TypeZip
Last Update19-10-2022

Newsmag v5.2.2 – Newspaper & Magazine WordPress Theme Download Link:

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