GeneratePress Premium v2.2.1 – Plugin Free Download

GeneratePress Premium v2.2.1 - Plugin Free Download

GeneratePress Premium v2.2.1 plugin and Theme Free Download [GP Premium v2.2.1] – Download GeneratePress Premium v2.2.1 is one of the most famous multi-reason free WordPress Theme topics uncommonly for the individuals who take a shot at different specialty locales or those experts who fabricate sites for their customers. Genius form of this subject additionally accessible, which is known as GP Premium or GeneratePress Premium. All things considered, GP Premium v2.2.1 is a module for the GeneratePress topic, which takes your site to the following level by including premium modules uphold. Free Download GeneratePress Premium v2.2.1. Download Latest Version generatePress theme premium Plugin.

GP Premium v2.0.3 Plugin Free Download [Activated]
GP Premium v2.1.2 – Plugin Free Download [Activated]

GP Premium v2.2.1 is now available for public testing! This is an alpha release, so please do not use it on production websites. Alpha means that things may change between now and beta, resulting in you having to rebuild something you built using alpha. GP Premium 2.2.1 brings you theme building using the core block editor and the GenerateBlocks plugin. Do you want stunning page heroes, personalized post meta, or custom sidebars & footers? You got that. Or maybe a custom author box without adding a plugin or writing code? How about your very own custom element populated with custom field content? But what if you could build your own single posts and post archive templates? Well you got that too! Throw Element Display Rules into the mix and your site design options are endless. Do you want a different post layout for your search results? Or how about a category-specific post layout? Well, that’s all possible too.

GeneratePress Premium 2.2.1 Plugin also works great with all popular page builders available online. On the off chance that you would prefer not to invest energy on customization, at that point no compelling reason to stress, GP Premium permits you to import up to 25+ pre-assembled formats in only a single tick from your WordPress dashboard. The vast majority of the website admins and bloggers adore this subject in view of its great presentation and quick stacking speed. Generally speaking, the GeneratePress Premium subject is across the board topic for all specialties from a business website to an individual blog.

GP Premium v2.1.2 – Plugin Free Download [Activated]

How To Install GeneratePress theme and GP Premium Plugin v2.2.1?

I’m going to Tell you how to install the free GeneratePress theme and GP premium v2.2.1 plugin. Then we’re going to activate the automatic updates for your GP premium 2.2.1 plugin. let’s get started first let’s log into our WordPress dashboard. Then we’re going to go to appearance themes add new and search for GeneratePress. We can now install the theme and make sure to activate it next we’re gonna head to GeneratePress website log into your account page. And download the GP premium v2.2.1 plugin once it’s downloaded we can head back to our dashboard go to plugins add new upload plugin and choose the dot zip file.

GeneratePress Premium v1.12.3 Stable Free Download [2020]
GP Premium v2.1.2 – Plugin Free Download [Activated]

We just downloaded click install now and again make sure to activate the plugin. Next we’re going to activate the automatic updates for your premium plugin head back to the account page again double click on your license key right click and copy now go back to the dashboard. This time go to appearance GeneratePress right click and paste click save now you should see receiving updates in green text here and license activated here. The last step here is to choose what modules we’re going to need if you’re going to import a template from our site library.

Then start by activating the site library module only from here you can click on the site library button and choose the site you want to import. If you’re going to build the site from scratch I’ll give a quick overview of each module here. The background module allows you to add background image and options throughout your site. Element the blog module has options for feature image controls columns and masonry and infinite scroll and more. The colors module allows you to take control of your site colors using over 60 color options the copyright module allows you to change the default copyright message at the bottom of your site.

GeneratePress Premium v1.12.3 Stable Free Download [2020]
GP Premium v2.1.2 – Plugin Free Download [Activated]

The disable element module allows you to turn off various theme elements on specific pages throughout your site. The elements module includes four sub-modules the header element allows you to create dynamic page heroes. The hook element allows you to insert content using the various hooks throughout GP the layout element allows you to set the same options as in the layout meta box. But on a site-wide scale and then the newest addition block element allows you to use the WordPress block editor to create hooks site. Headers site footers and sidebars the menu plus module has options such as sticky navigation off canvas navigation mobile header and more. The secondary nav module allows you to add a second navigation to your site as for the sections module.

It is an older module and should not be used if you’re using the Gutenberg editor already instead you can check out our generate blocks plugin. The site library module should be deactivated as well if you’re building the site from scratch the spacing module allows you to control the sizes padding and margin of your site. Element the topography module offers over 70 topography options to give you control over your site text. The woocommerce module add more color topography and layout options to your woocommerce store please note that you will need to install and activate the woocommerce plugin before you can activate the woocommerce module in GP premium.

GeneratePress Premium v1.12.3 Stable Free Download [2020]
GP Premium v2.1.2 – Plugin Free Download [Activated]

GeneratePress Premium subject additionally works incredibly with all well-known page developers accessible on the web. You can alter each and every part of this subject from appearance settings as indicated by your requirements. It gives you full control of format, hues, typography, route, dividing (cushioning and edge), copyright message, and heaps of different things. Most of the webmasters and bloggers loves this theme because of its excellent performance and fast loading speed. Overall, the GeneratePress Premium theme is the all-in-one theme for all niches from a business site to a personal blog. You can without much of a stretch make a special design for any specialty site utilizing the GeneratePress Premium subject.

GeneratePress theme Blog Layout Options?

The layout options available for the block module in GP premium. Let’s get started first let’s go to appearance GeneratePress and activate the block module. Now let’s head to customizer layout blog and we can find all the options here. The first option we have here is the content type you can either choose to display the full content from your post or use. The automatic exert when the exert option is chosen you can choose how many words are displayed in the exert. It’s worth noting that by default the exert option would only work for the standard post format. So if you’ve chosen exert here but still seeing full post content showing then go to the edit post screen and check the post format drop down.

GeneratePress Premium v1.12.3 Stable Free Download [2020]
GP Premium v2.1.2 – Plugin Free Download [Activated]

If you intend to use a post format other than standard but would also like to use the exert option. Then you will need the php snippets shown in our documentation page here. The next option we have is the read more label this allows you to change the text for the read more link here. We can also display it as a button by default the read more link would only show if you’re using the automatic exert so you won’t see a read more link or button. If you’re using the manual exert if you would like to show the read more text or button when manual exert is used then you will need to include the snippets in our documentation page. The link to this page will again be included. Next we have display post date then post author post categories.

This post doesn’t have a tag so nothing is displayed even though the option is checked then the common count then. We have the infinite scroll option when this option is deactivated the post page would show the number of posts you set in the reading setting here. Then followed by a paging navigation to show the rest of the post when the infinite scroll option is activated. The paging navigation will be removed and the post will continue to show as you scroll down. Let’s take a look watch my scroll bar here we also have the option to use a button to load more posts instead of automatically loading them and you can change load more label. And the loading label the single post also have its own set of options for the post meta so if we head to a single post you can again choose to display the post date post author categories tags and post navigation. Which shows at the bottom of the article let’s head back to the blog page.

GeneratePress Premium v1.12.3 Stable Free Download [2020]
GP Premium v2.1.2 – Plugin Free Download [Activated]

And we will skip the feature images option for now and take a look at the columns option first once this option is activated, you will see the additional options underneath so the columns option allows you to set, how many columns you want to display your posts in this goes from two to five and you can also make. The first post featured so it takes up more room or use a masonry grid now let’s head back up and take a look at the feature images options. The first option here allows you to display or remove the feature images then you can choose to display padding around images which is this space or remove it.

So the images occupy the entire container width then we have the location option and the alignment option for media attachment size there is a documentation page. That explains everything in details again, then you can set width or height again you have different tabs that allows you to set different options for the feature images archives. will be for the posts page or any category archives then you have single posts and pages in single posts and pages there is an extra location option. So we have below title above title and above content area that’s it.

Site Library: Our Site Library has been completely rebuilt from scratch using React! Not only does everything feel much faster/more intuitive, but it’s also way more reliable across different hosting services that had issues with the previous version (, EasyWP, etc.

GP Premium 2.0.0-alpha.2 Latest Version Free Download
GP Premium v2.1.2 – Plugin Free Download [Activated]

Less jQuery: We’re that much closer to completely ditching jQuery in GP Premium! Our Masonry and Infinite Scroll features have been re-written using vanilla JavaScript! That means the only jQuery left on the front-end of GP Premium is our sticky navigation and some WooCommerce features (Woo Commerce uses jQuery by default). We have some awesome plans for a new sticky element feature that will be coming soon!

Sections: Our Sections module is now officially deprecated. It will continue to work/be activated on sites that have it activated, but it will no longer be available in the list of modules to be activated. Sections was our very first attempt at a “page builder” back in the days before page builders were popular. It was a big part of our development, but with the emergence of the block editor and Generate Blocks, it’s no longer needed.

GP Premium v2.1.2 – Plugin Free Download [Activated]

While using the Headline or Buttons block inside GenerateBlocks, we can now tell them to use the following Dynamic Text Types:

  • Title – the post/page/term title of the current page.
  • List of terms – the post terms associated with your chosen taxonomy.
  • Post date – the published or updated date of the current post.
  • Comments number – the number of comments the post has.
  • Author meta – the value of a user custom field name.
  • Term meta – the value of a term custom field name.
  • Post author name – the name of the post author.
  • Post meta – the value of a custom field name.

We can also apply Dynamic Link Types to these blocks:

  • Previous page of posts – the link to the previous page of posts in the archive.
  • Next page of posts – the link to the next page of posts in the archive.
  • Author archives – the link to the archives for the current author.
  • Comments area – the link to the comments are of the current post.
  • Single post – the link to the current single post.
  • Author meta – the value of a user custom field name.
  • Term meta – the value of a term custom field name.
  • Post meta – the value of a custom field name.

How to Install GeneratePress Premium v2.2.1 WordPress Plugins?

  • Download the latest .zip file for the plugin.
  • Log into your WordPress website
  • Go to “Plugins”>“Add New.”
  • Click the “Upload Plugin” button at the top of the page.
  • Select the .zip file with the updated version of the plugin.
  • Click the “Install Now” button.

Features of GeneratePress Premium v2.2.1 WordPress Theme:

  • Seven post formats support – Standard, Aside, Image, Video, Quote, Link, and Status.
  • Allows you to deactivate modules that you don’t need.
  • Featured image support with custom settings.
  • Padding and margin settings option.
  • Beautiful typography options.
  • Optimized for search engine bots.
  • Recommended for Client projects.
  • Highly secure and stable.
  • Lightweight and clean codes.
  • Responsive design.
  • Focused on performance.
  • 25+ ready to use site library.
  • Secondary navigation menu support.
  • Fast loading speed.
  • Six layout options.
  • Sticky navigation menu.
  • No render-blocking issues.
  • Schema markup.
  • 60+ color options.
  • Woo Commerce support.
  • Infinite scroll.
  • Its Own small page builder.
  • Custom hooks and headers.
  • Real-time customization options.

Demo/Preview Of GeneratePress Premium v2.2.1 (GP Premium)

What’s New in GeneratePress Premium v2.2.1 [Changelog]

  • General: Use inline CSS when AMP is activated for better performance
  • Elements: Integrate updated date with dynamic post date option
  • Blog: Add separate infinite scroll path element in footer
  • Blog: Fix error in infinite scroll when no button exists
  • Blog: Tighten up masonry/infinite scroll JS
  • Elements: Remove dynamic update date option
File NameGP Premium Plugin Free Download
File Versionv2.2.1
File TypeGPL
Last Updated On10-07-2022

Please Wait 30 Sec… Then Click the Below Download Button 🙂

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Note: Upload or Install GP Premium v2.2.1 as a plugin, not as a theme. GeneratePress free theme is required to activate the GP Premium plugin. This plugin will automatically convert the free version of the GeneratePress theme into the pro version.

You can also install GeneratePress free version directly from your WordPress dashboard. Go to Appearance>>Themes>>Add New and search for GeneratePress and after that install and activate it.

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What is GeneratePress premium?

GeneratePress is a widely known freemium WordPress theme primarily focused on speed and usability. GeneratePress offers the user a free and premium plugin that adds more options to create your website. This WordPress theme has over 2.7 million downloads and 3,00,000 active installs.

How much is GeneratePress premium?

Access to all the GeneratePress premium modules. Premium version comes with 30-day money-back guarantee. The pricing plans are really cheap as they start at just $59 per year and you will also have the option of using it for a lifetime by paying $249 (one-time fee).

How can I get GeneratePress premium for free?

You can also install GeneratePress free version directly from your WordPress dashboard. Go to Appearance>>Themes>>Add New and search for GeneratePress and after that install and activate it.

How do I install premium GeneratePress?

From your Dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New. Click Upload Plugin at the top, browse and select the gp-premium.

Is GeneratePress fast?

GeneratePress is very well made, installs easily, same goes for the demo. It loads really fast and is very clear in terms of control panel and handling. The premium version offers enough modules to be able to work well while building your layout.

Is GeneratePress easy to use?

GeneratePress makes it super easy. Build a brand without sacrificing your core SEO elements such as good structure and site speed, the look and feel is very easy to achieve.

Is GeneratePress good for SEO?

With seamless optimization features, GeneratePress emphasizes on the performance and speed of your website which will increase the loading speed and ultimately result in better SEO ranking and you can get your site in the starting pages of Google search results without any extra work .

Is GeneratePress free theme?

GeneratePress is a free WordPress theme with a focus on speed and usability. In addition to free themes, we offer a premium plugin that extends themes, adding more options to help you create your website.

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